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When Ordering Online

It’s critical that ICS know your freight is coming before it arrives, and what we need to do with your freight once it arrives.

When Ordering Online

You will need to follow basic instructions when ordering online and when having merchandise delivered to the ICS warehouse. Not following these instructions may cause shipping delays, or the possibility of freight being rejected at the warehouse.

9-Letter ICS Code.

Include your 9-letter ICS customer code in your delivery address.

Forward Online Order Confirmation.

Immediately after purchasing, forward the merchant’s online confirmation & tracking details to email LAX@icargosupport.com.

Provide Shipping Instructions before Merchandise Arrives.

Provide ICS shipping instructions for transporting your shipment, such as Ocean, Air or if freight is to be held and assembled with other cargo.

ICS Booking Number will be Assigned.

The ICS booking department will send you a booking confirmation and number for your records. Please be sure to use this booking number as a reference when communicating with the ICS team.

ICS Warehouse Notification.

Upon freight arrival at ICS warehouse, you will be notified.

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